Skills in:


Massimiliano Rega has the skills to define an effective marketing strategy. Through an excellent knowledge of marketing principles and techniques, Massimiliano is able to conduct highly successful omnichannel business campaigns and develop branding strategies.

Skills in:

Customer Experience

With years of experience in Customer Experience, Massimiliano Rega is able to strengthen brand preference through differentiated and personalized experiences, increase revenue with incremental sales from new and existing customers, realize new sales through word-of-mouth strategy, improve customer loyalty through memorable interactions, and reduce costs by reducing customer churn rates.

Skills in:


Thanks to the familiarity that Massimiliano Rega has acquired in his 20 years as a Senior Executive, he currently possesses the following soft-skills in sales:


  • Commercial aptitude and customer orientation
  • Excellent knowledge of the target market
  • Knowledge of sales, marketing and communication techniques
  • Ability to work with a focus on objectives
  • Managerial and leadership skills
  • Strong analytical, management and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent verbal and communication skills
  • Flexibility and attention to change
  • Problem-solving
Skills in:

Supply Chain

Through his experience as Top Manager at Sky Italia and Technogym, Massimiliano Rega has honed the following skills in Supply Chain Management:


  • Expertise in purchasing planning and procurement scheduling
  • Skills in warehouse management and internal logistics
  • Knowledge of supply chain control models
  • Knowledge of warehouse inventory management procedures
  • Skills in labor organization and industrial accounting
  • Knowledge of the management and organizational systems of a freight warehouse
  • Analytical skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Aptitude for problem-solving and teamwork